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Local Nampa Man Lost 65 Pounds in 6 Months

Terry Warfield, a local Nampa resident, lost 65 pounds in just 6 months at Positive Changes Hypnosis and it changed his life.

Boise, ID December 31, 2014: Terry Warfield, a local Nampa resident, came to Positive Changes Hypnosis in Boise only 6 months ago and already has lost 65 pounds. He stated if it weren't for this program (at Positive Changes Hypnosis) he doesn't know where he'd be today. "My program is life changing," Warfield said. Warfield had been overweight for over 20 years and is now getting his life back.

Some of the changes in Warfield's physiology are quite impressive as well; his blood pressure is normal now, his depression is gone, he's more motivated and more confident, and he sleeps better. Even the staff at Positive Changes noticed major changes in Mr. Warfield. "He was very shy and reserved when he first came in (to Positive Changes Hypnosis), but now he's more outgoing and he laughs and jokes with everyone," said Lorri McLaughlin, a Front Desk Associate at Positive Changes. "His whole demeanor seemed to change for the better," she added.

In a notarized testimonial Warfield talked about dieting in the past and said, "I have tried pretty much every fad diet out there. Some worked but I couldn't stick with any of it. I didn't enjoy any part of them. Dieting to me was a waste of time." When asked how he feels now and how losing the weight has helped him, Warfield went on to say, "I got my life back. I just feel like I don't have a cloud hanging over me. I can do what I want now."

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