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Are You Being Taken In By These Common Weight Loss Myths?

Hypnosis CD - Eliminate the Desire for Junk FoodsThese days many people are choosing hypnosis for weight loss so that they can change their habits and behaviors and finally lose weight for good. The hypnotherapists at Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, the nations only weight loss hypnosis franchise, often find that, while people have a generally good idea about what they should and should not be eating, they often fall prey to common weight loss myths. Here are the two most common:

Myth #1: Diet soda will help you lose weight because it has no calories. Most people who ride the weight loss roller coaster regularly consume diet soda. They assume that if there are no calories, it can't create fat. The truth is that soda, whether diet or regular, is often at fault for those who can't seem to shed that extra weight. That's right, even drinking a soda that has no calories in it can still lead to obesity due to the body's inability to metabolize the artificial ingredients. Some experts would even argue that diet soft drinks are more dangerous than regular-calorie sodas because of the toxic ingredients.

From a hypnosis and weight loss standpoint, a second reason for blaming soda for weight gain, especially diet soda, is the mentality associated with it. Since diet soda has zero calories listed on the nutrition label, people think that they can drink as much as they want. Some also falsely assume they can eat more food because they are drinking no calories. The millions of people who are drinking diet soda, but getting fatter and fatter, should be proof positive that it simply isn't working for weight loss. The truth is that diet soda slows down metabolism and robs you of energy. Positive Changes clients who do hypnotherapy weight loss use motivation they get in hypnosis to easily make the switch to water and the pounds and inches start coming off.

Gemini Light and Sound MachineMyth #2: Eating at buffets and all-you-can-eat salad bars saves money. This is a falsity perpetrated by the food industry. Even the best salad bar can be a health disaster if you load your plate with cheeses, meats, pasta and mounds of salad dressing. It is important to look at who is standing in line at these places. They are typically the folks who are taking a ride on the weight loss roller coaster. When you drive by the all-you-can-eat" corrals, you will notice one thing-overweight, unhealthy people. In the long run, that bargain food will cost a fortune in mounting medical bills and lost time at work due to illness. Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you to eat, think, and respond to life like a naturally thin person. You will be able to make healthy food choices that allow you look good and feel good. It'll save you a fortune in the long run.