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Good News For Those Who Want to Quit Smoking

Avoid The Usual Quitting Traps

Self Hypnosis CD'sLearn about the usual quitting traps that have prevented you from being tobacco-free and discover these easy and simple steps to avoid them.

"The Sooner You Quit Smoking, the Longer You Live" was the message of an article published in the British Medical Journal.  Though health experts have been saying this for years, this study offers clear evidence on how dramatic the rates can be.

The study found that the risk of dying from lung cancer decreases the earlier one stops smoking. The highest decrease occurs for those who give up smoking at age 35; their risk of dying decreases by a whopping 90 percent.  But professionals say to stop smoking at any age will lead to better health.

The research also provides the first prediction of the number of tobacco deaths that will occur worldwide in the next 100 years if smoking patterns persist—1 billion, compared to 100 million in the last century.

The rate chart is good news for those choosing hypnosis for quitting smoking. This is because hypnosis stop smoking programs offer not only a tobacco-free lifestyle, but also a reduction in stress, which gives the immune system a boost.

Gemini Light and Sound MachineAccording to Carolyn Daniel, who quit smoking with the Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers smoking cessation program, hypnosis was just the ticket for kicking her lifelong smoking habit. "Hypnosis feels so good. There is no stress. After my sessions, I feel like accomplishing things I normally would have put off. I feel so good and have energy to burn."

Carolyn's experience is not uncommon. When hypnosis to quit smoking is practiced correctly, it can mean that the brain and body get bathed in neurochemicals that cause you to relax and feel good. One study shows that a twenty minute hypnotherapy session can increase serotonin levels by as much as 21 percent and endorphin levels by up to 25 percent. These are the brain chemicals that make us feel relaxed, happy and calm.

With this clear evidence on how beneficial stopping smoking can be to your health, and now that you know how easy it can be to quit smoking with hypnosis, there is no good reason for anyone to continue with this deadly habit.