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Hypnosis Statistics for Weight Loss

Here is a brief review of some of the research evidence on the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss: Read statistics

Hypnosis Statistics for Pain Management

Here is a brief review of some of the research evidence on the effectiveness of hypnosis for pain management: Read statistics

7 Great Reasons to Practice Self Hypnosis at Home

Self help hypnosis can help you achieve your goals because it involves mental practice. There is no faster or easier method for eliminating habits or changing behaviors than mental practice through self hypnosis.
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Self Hypnosis to Tame the Stress Monster

Researchers and physicians agree - chronic stress is probably the key factor in almost every major disease. Why? Because stress puts undue strain on the immune system. We've all experienced the stress response: adrenaline pumps into the blood stream, along with an abundance of sugar and fatty acids, and suddenly you have a surge of energy. Your heart pounds, pupils dilate, muscles tense and breathing accelerates - you are now in the throes of a "fight or flight reaction."
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Four Ways to Get What You Want Through Self Hypnosis

Through self hypnosis you can learn to communicate with your other-than-conscious mind and improve your life in 1,001 different ways. You might ask what, exactly, is the other-than-conscious mind? It is actually easier to describe what it isn't. It isn't your conscious mind. You don't balance your checkbook, write a memo, or share a joke with a friend with your other-than-conscious mind.
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Hypnosis and Weight Loss

When people choose to do weight loss hypnosis, there are many myths and misconceptions that must be overcome right from the beginning. One of the most important is a concept that roller coaster dieting creates; it is the belief that there are "bad" or "forbidden" foods that should be avoided at all costs. During hypnosis weight loss, clients relearn an appropriate way to view food. The reality is that food is food.
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Are You Being Taken In By These Common Weight Loss Myths?

Myth #1: Diet soda will help you lose weight because it has no calories.
Most people who ride the weight loss roller coaster regularly consume diet soda. They assume that if there are no calories, it can't create fat.
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Develop a Healthy Body Image through Hypnotic Weight Loss

Overweight people often withhold love from themselves until they attain a certain weight or size. They feel that this tactic will motivate them to stay on their diet or exercise program. This "I'll love you when…" approach is a prime example of conditional love, which is not true love because it is based on what we do and not on who we are.
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Is NED Causing You Excessive Stress?

NED is an acronym for anything that is New, Emotional, and Difficult. As an example, let's say that you trained your body to consume junk food and lie around on the sofa, and that you did it so well, that even when you try to change it, you can't. Rather, trying to change your habits makes you feel stressed out, frustrated, or angry.
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The Truth About Stress Relief

Most folks do not recognize that having stress is a choice. Stress is not what happens to us. Stress is created by how we respond to our experiences. Even positive, exciting encounters can be experienced as stressful.
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Stress Relief for Any Woman's Daily Commute

Stress is not something that happens to us, it happens through us. Here are some techniques you can use to keep your stress level down before, during and after your commute:
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Why Self Hypnosis is the Secret to Success

If you are like most folks, you made a promise to yourself to reach a goal. Perhaps it was to stop smoking, take off a few unwanted pounds, to stop eating candy or junk food, or return to school. You may have set your goal with sheer determination. Your will to succeed may be great. But how do you get from will and determination to the actual attainment of your dream?
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Using Self Hypnosis to Plan Your Incredible Future

Most people who set goals struggle to achieve them. Why? Because, as is often said, faith without works is dead. Just because you say you want something, it doesn't mean it will become so. You must see your success in your mind's eye—and what you see must be specific.
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Good News For Those Who Want to Quit Smoking

"The Sooner You Quit Smoking, the Longer You Live" was the message of an article published in the British Medical Journal.  Though health experts have been saying this for years, this study offers clear evidence on how dramatic the rates can be.
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