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Develop a Healthy Body Image through Hypnotic Weight Loss

Hypnosis CD - Weight Control and Your Self-ImageOverweight people often withhold love from themselves until they attain a certain weight or size. They feel that this tactic will motivate them to stay on their diet or exercise program. This "I'll love you when…" approach is a prime example of conditional love, which is not true love because it is based on what we do and not on who we are. True love is unconditional; I love you for everything you are and for everything you're not. Self-love starts with your self-image because it shapes your thoughts, feelings and actions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your body image is worth millions.

Because the body image is so powerful, it can be the source of mental blocks, untapped potential, deep pain and fear. At Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers, the nation's only hypnosis weight loss franchise, clients are taught simple ways to say, "Yes!" to a healthier body image. Here are just a few of the recommendations that Positive Changes weight loss hypnotists teach their clients in their weight loss hypnosis programs.

Stop weighing yourself.
Many people step on the scale and allow the numbers to dictate how they will feel that day. Learn to wean yourself off the scale by judging your weight based on how you feel in your clothing or how you look in a mirror.

Focus on your health, not your weight.
The more energy you give something, the more power it exerts over you. Instead of obsessing about your weight, focus on improving your overall health. Imagine the possibilities if you were to invest the same energy into improving your heath as you've invested in worrying about your weight.

Dwell on the positive.
Gemini Light and Sound MachineChange negative feelings or thoughts about yourself into positive ones. Identify one aspect of yourself that you really like and allow yourself the pleasure of fully experiencing it. Look at your body and choose one aspect that you like. Tell yourself each day how much you like and appreciate your eyes, hair, smile or legs. Add a new body part every week or two.

Stop worrying about what others think of you.
How many times have you refused an invitation to a social event because you were afraid of what others might think of your appearance? Now is the time to take back the control that you've given to other people. Remember, nobody has power over you unless you allow it. Besides, those people are probably so busy worrying about what you think of them, they don't have time to concern themselves with how you look.

Discover the source of your hunger and free it.
We all have a variety of hunger zones. We hunger not just for food, but for relationships, love, laughter, music, connection, relaxation, creative expression, movement, or being part of a whole. The key is to find your other hungers and fill up on them!

Learn to enjoy physical activity.
Find a variety of activities that you enjoy doing for fun. Make time in your life to enjoy these activities regularly. Rediscover the simple joy of moving your body.

Enjoy the luxury of a good laugh!
Remember the old saying, "It takes thirty seven muscles to frown and only two to smile." Smiling not only changes your appearance; it changes your mental state as well. The next time you get the urge to snack – laugh at it. Chances are you'll forget your unwelcome desire and feel better about yourself.

Take time for yourself.
Allow yourself the pleasure of getting to know "you" by becoming aware of your body, mind and spirit. Talk to yourself with love and compassion. Do something you've always wanted to do. Taking twenty minutes a day to listen to a hypnotic weight loss session like those offered at Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers is a great way to start!

Create your own definition of beauty.
Take a vacation from fashion magazines, television and other forms of media. Start asking yourself how you define beauty. Consider whether beauty is something someone puts on, or if its something that radiates from within.

Be kind to yourself.
Let go, relax, and be kind to yourself. Learn to release judgment and guilt. Remember that it's just food, not the entire definition of who you are or who you have the potential to be.