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Four Ways to Get What You Want Through Self Hypnosis

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Through self hypnosis you can learn to communicate with your other-than-conscious mind and improve your life in 1,001 different ways. You might ask what, exactly, is the other-than-conscious mind? It is actually easier to describe what it isn't. It isn't your conscious mind. You don't balance your checkbook, write a memo, or share a joke with a friend with your other-than-conscious mind.

You can think of your other-than-conscious mind as your internal guidance system. It is rarely influenced by idle talk, but it is always paying attention to the hidden meaning in communication and will only take action and change its direction if properly motivated.

There are four types of cues you need to recognize in order to activate your other-than-conscious into magnetizing your goals. Once you close your eyes and relax, bring into your mind a specific goal. As an example, you might say to yourself, "I want to weigh 132 pounds."

1) Environmental Cues. What will you see, hear and experience in the world around you when you are naturally thin? To create the magnetizing effect, be as specific as possible. Imagine you are in the future, seeing through your eyes and hearing through your ears. Gather as much evidence as possible. Push the limits of your imagination.

2) Behavioral Cues. What are the specific behaviors you will need to see changed to be convinced? Examples of behavioral cues for being naturally thin include: Drinking eight glasses of water a day, leaving food on your plate, shopping for healthier foods, or no desire for food between meals.

3) Intellectual Cues. What type of knowledge must you have to be convinced of the change? Education you might get from reading health books or attending classes would fit into this category.

4) Emotional Cues. What will you need to feel to be convinced? In other words, what is your emotional payoff in making the change? As an example, you might need to feel safe. With self hypnosis you simply relax and rehearse in your mind whatever needs to change so that you feel safe. Since the other-than-conscious mind doesn't know the difference between real or imagined, you can easily practice the changes first in your mind through self hypnosis. Once your mind becomes comfortable with the changes, and it satisfies your emotional criteria, you will be compelled to make the changes in real life.

Understanding your motivation is an important part of successful communication and negotiation with your other-than-conscious mind. Keep in mind that you will get what you rehearse in life, not necessarily what you intend. Self hypnosis is by far the best method for motivating yourself, through the activation of the other-than-conscious mind, to effortlessly make the positive changes you desire.